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LVIA photomontage, St Andrews
LVIA photomontage St Andrews Harbour
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I have worked for a number of environmental consultancy and landscape architecture firms throughout the UK, providing high quality photographs to support Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). My work predominantly supports wind farm applications, although I have also worked on proposed housing schemes and a number of other smaller urban developments.


With regards to the wind farm applications, I provide 360° panoramic photomontage imagery to aid visual studies. My work uses high precision panoramic and photographic equipment that meets the high standards set by the following regulatory bodies:

- Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) Visual Representation of Wind Farms - September 2019. This replaces the previous version published in February 2017.

- The Highland Council Visualization Standards for Wind Energy Developments - May 2013. This succeeded The Highland Council 2010 Visualization Standards.

- Landscape Institute GLVIA3: Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, 3rd Edition, April 2013.

- Landscape Institute Advice Note 01/11: Photography and Photomontage in Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment.

I appreciate that the UK's changeable weather can often have a large say in the success of many of these jobs, and as such, I have a very flexible approach to each project I am tasked with. I am meticulous in my preparation, can work to tight deadlines, and am very familiar with operating in the remote areas viewpoints are often located. I have worked on projects throughout the UK and am fully prepared to travel and remain on location if required.


From a Health and Safety point of view, I complete risk assessments for all projects and also have suitable Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.


A list of consultancy and landscape architecture firms I have worked with are outlined below: 






Further references can be provided on request.

Note: it should also be stated that I do not create any of the CGI visualizations on the images and only provide photographic support. 

"Creative Sides Photography undertook the viewpoint photography for a landscape and visual impact assessment we were preparing for a wind farm development in South Ayrshire.  As Micah has an inherent understanding of what is required in the field of LVIA photography, the photographs we received were of a high standard which enabled the production of high quality visualisations to support the application. Having Creative Sides Photography manage the photography for a project takes the stress out of weather watching and the need to react quickly to catch conditions appropriate for viewpoint photography, often in locations which are time consuming to get to"

- ITP Energised.


We have employed Micah’s services to take photography in association with a number of LVIA Wind Farm projects over a number of years. He is fully cognisant with the SNH Visualisation Standards and also Highland Council Standards in this regard. Further to this our own in-house standards of photographic composition are high. Micah is a keen and experienced hill walker and we were able to utilise him not only for relatively accessible shots but also for more inaccessible peaks that needed someone of his experience and fitness to tackle. Projects he worked on for us include taller peaks and Munro’s across Scotland and Northern England.

Shots from summits are not only hard due to inaccessibility, and health and safety, but also to time these where maximum visibility is available, with blue sky where possible. This meant that Micah had to be prepared to go out on site at short notice.

I would recommend him for this service without hesitation.

- Amec Earth & Environment

I treat every job on an individual basis, so if you have any questions about the work I do, or would like a quote, please contact me using the form below and we can discuss your requirements further.


Edinburgh based commercial photographer specialising in LVIA photography and videography

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