"Ghostrider, this is #drone...."

So I took a further step towards CAA drone operator accreditation on Friday by passing my UAV (cue nerd voice for 'Unmanned Aerial Vehicle') flight exam in Cupar. I don't think I could have picked a more pristine day to fly, as a nice splurge of high pressure continued to sit on top of the UK. Blue skies and Light Airs...that was a new one for the Scottish Flight Log!

Having guided me through the ground school, Steve Ross from Whispercam did the same for the practical exam. Our pre-flight brief was first up, and covered risk assessments, roles and responsibilities, job outline and emergency procedures (it felt like I was back offshore again!), before my little drone took to the air and set forth on its mission, under watchful control. I took some pictures, performed a couple of angled ascents and descents, and ran through a few emergency procedures. Then the automated GPS function was turned off and I had to perform a controlled figure of eight and some survey lines - prior practice in blustery conditions at home, certainly helped! Sadly I wasn't allowed to put my drone into a 4G inverted dive with a (drone) Mig 28, but the speculation did cross my mind as I conducted my landing....:)

Paperwork has now been completed and has been sent off to the CAA. All I need to do now is wait for my certificate to arrive before cracking on with this commercial venture.

Kind Regards,

Micah Stanbridge

MSc, BSc, Drone Pilot.

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