Dear Iceland. I might have a new crush....!

With it's wild and desolate landscapes, Iceland was always going to be right up my street! I had always wanted to visit this country, namely to take photographs, but also to relight the inner geography geek in me....and this first visit certainly didn't disappoint!

And so it was to be: a condensed high octane ride through the Icelandic south coast, undertaken in three days, and executed perfectly under the guidance of my girlfriend and our spacious (and brown), Hyundi i.10 - I'll give this car two stars out of ten for street cred, but 15 for road handling in the snow. We didn't get stuck once! I can't put into words how incredible the landscape scenery is. With the black beaches, majestic clifftops, and sweeping glaciers that stream outwards and into the sea, this place is truly a dream for photographers and lovers of the outdoors! It was our goal to avoid the major conglomerations of tourists, and as such we did prove to ourselves, that Iceland can be done on a (relatively) small budget. So if you are planning to go, and if you are prepared to hike a little bit further, then spend some time researching.... there are natural wonders in abundance that are free!

The video below captures some of our trip, and I can't wait to return in the summer when there is some colour...and it's not Baltic!

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