Apprehensive UAV operator at 8 o'clock!

So last Tuesday marked my first UAV operation from an offshore vessel! I'll admit to being a little nervous, given the implications of an automated emergency landing should there be any technical issues. So that'll be 'home point disabled, manual flight mode on.... its all yours Micah'! But the sea breeze was kind, and at 4.5knots, the vessel was never going anywhere fast. I quickly overcame the apprehension, and got some lovely shots of the MV Fugro Meridian working away in the southern North Sea.

MV Fugro Meridian operating in the south north sea

You get such an interesting perspective from the air, which is once of the main things I love about UAV photography. The sunset added a spectacular backdrop, and I landed safely satisfied with the video and stills gathered. Roll on the next good weather window.

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