The blue yonder!

Habitat mapping for a client at a wind farm site near Dunbar this time. After a delayed start due to mist, the skies cleared to reveal some stunning weather and impressive views! This was a large (490acre) survey to support an Phase 1 Ecology monitoring program on the site. Due to the large nature of the survey area, the client opted to use a drone to create some high quality and current baseline imagery.

Due to the complex nature of this survey, some degree of paperwork was required to ensure that all parts of the survey met the highest levels of Health and Safety. This completed, it took us around 2.5hours to fly the grid, and a few hours of processing to output the files.

Resolution was impressive, given the drone was flying at the maximum permitted altitude to avoid and collision with the turbines, and all data has successfully been delivered to the client.

A cracking day on site, and there was even time for a cheeky few shots of the turbines themselves!

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