A challenge and a half.

I'm cycling across America in September to raise awareness and money for Anthony Nolan, a charity that saved the life of my mum in 2006 and continues to help those suffering from blood disorders.


150miles per day.

Over one month.


This video is a little side project I've been working on and has been a while in the making...however it is now hot to trot!

Find out how you can help by following my story on social media @supermarrowman, or subscribing to my newsletter by messaging me your email address - it's going to be some journey! :)

My special thanks for the production of this extends to many people, however to name a few names who have been an amazing support we have Julia Kokocinska, Martin Vesselinov, Deian Georgiev, Chris Rawson, Derek Aitken, Lucinda Bray, Amy Souter, Tom Young, David Orr, Tanita Jasieniecka, Agata Jasińska, Pedro Everett, Simon Menelaws, Susan Lee, Marcin Turzanski, Matthew Busby, Neil Guthrie, Tony Biggz, Liliana Fonsesca, Alex Stanbridge, Anthony Osbourne, Jenny Evans, Katy Harrison, Ricky Cowan, Michael Mackay, Sheena McCurrach, William Black, Mark Quinn, Clare Woodhead, and Ally Boyle.

#anthonynolan #fundraising #bloodcancer #bealifesaver #donating #stemcells #cycling #leukaemia #TransAM #America #cycling #cycletouring #bonemarrowdonor #supermarrowman

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