TransAmerica Cycle Blog#1: Supermarrowman is GO!

I'm writing this to you under the guise of 'supermarrowman', however beneath the cloak and mask it's really just me, Micah Stanbridge :). I've spoken at a fundraising ball and told parts of my story online, yet I can appreciate that word of fundraising challenge is not entirely out... so here is what all the fuss is about! In September I am going to cycle unsupported from west to east across the United States of America. I am doing this to raise awareness for Anthony Nolan, a charity set up to help people suffering with blood disorders, and a register of potential life saving stem cell donors. The charity saved the life of my mum in 2006, and continues to do amazing work to help those fighting the disease. My story has until now been largely told on Social Media (check out @supermarrowman on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter - links at the bottom of this page), but I am aware that social media is not the main means of communication for everyone, so to cover all bases I am reaching out here, to you. I plan to send a few newsletter updates of my journey towards and across America, and if you wish to be unsubscribed at any time there is a link at the bottom - I won't get offended, don't worry :).

Enclosed below is a video of my story. My Why.

My first video log for my fundraising cycle across the United States of America in September 2018.

My why to this adventure is strongly rooted in what I have been through with my family, and the feelings of pain that I know many families are currently going through just now in their battles against blood cancer. I picked a big challenge that people could relate to, in the hope that I can inspire action. 4228miles. 150miles per day. Unsupported. In just over a month. It is going to be an incredible journey! Undertaking this adventure is going to be a huge challenge for me, and one that requires a lot of training and planning. My departure date is set for the 30thAugust, where I will meet my mum and her partner Tim in Seattle for a day or two prior to me leaving (they plan to meet up with them a couple of times along the start of my route, to check I've not ditched the bicycle for Harley Davidson I think!!) whilst they a nice road trip through some of the western States. The thought of embarking on this venture is daunting, however I am in no doubts as to my abilities to make it across to the other side, and am extremely grateful to all of the support I have received so far.

So thank you for everything. Share my story and spread the word. I will send another update nearer my time of departure with hopefully another video and some images explaining more about the charity and my plans, but for now I'd best get out on the bike again and continue my training!

Best wishes, Micah

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