Night expedition into the unknown!

A few images from an LVIA shoot I did last week on the summit of a Scottish Munro. I had been waiting for over five weeks for conditions to be suitable, and this was a tiny window, however it proved a good one! As an experienced mountain walker, I'm always happy to conduct remote work, providing there's an agreed emergency action plan and risk assessment in place. In this instance SNH were insisting to my client that night photography was necessary from the summit.

We managed, safely, however this was certainly one of the most challenging viewpoints I've taken for an LVIA. It required detailed planning, a constant assessment of the weather, a safety buddy, and various safety measures initiated through a thorough risk assessment. Shelter was imperitive for the prolongued time on top, and any wind that was stronger than what we faced would have had us turn back, as the chill factor was huge. I know a few of my clients have been pushing back at SNH regarding similar requests, and I will admit, had the weather deteriorated, things could have become quite precarious.

I show this as an example of how remote work can be safe if approached in the right way, however where do you draw the line with SNH and remote LVIA night photography in the winter?

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