Bjorn gets to the paw-point!

What would you like to see in our future world?

I shot and produced this video in March for the team at Pawprint - an Edinburgh based eco-startup who are developing an app that will empower the individual to fight climate chang.

Pawprint is on a mission to empower people to fight climate change. Through an app, Pawprint will allow you to calculate your carbon footprint, and then offer you personalised challenges to help you reduce it. I shot and produced this video for the company and have seen it surpass their original £100,000 to reach £363,190 with 1218 investors signed up!

Which. Is. Awesome.

I hold this topic very close, and really believe that Pawprint will be one of the few companies that really makes a huge difference in terms of changing societal attitudes and behaviour towards a more sustainable future.

Plus, their mascot Bjorn the bear is going to be an international figure one day I am sure...!

#crowdfunding #climatechange #pawprint #videography

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